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An afternoon with ChatGPT: A discussion of generative language models & its impact on the university

Tuesday 24/1, 3pm-5pm, Lab42, Science Park 900, room L1.01.

Everyone is talking about ChatGPT, and many predict that it and similar ‘large language models’ will have a major impact on education, learning, science and publishing. The ILLC – home to Amsterdam’s largest research group studying language models – invites lecturers, students and collaborators to an afternoon on ChatGPT & the university.

How does it work? What can it do, and what can it not do? What are some of the ethical and legal dilemma’s when using this technology? We’ll have some short talks and demonstrations, and plenty of time to answer your questions.With: Prof Raquel Fernández (dialogue systems), Prof Robert van Rooij (semantics), Dr Jelle Zuidema (explainable AI), Dr Jelke Bloem (digital humanities), Dr. Sandro Pezelle (responsible AI), Ece Takmaz (vision-language models), Mario Guilianelli (language generation), and others.

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The program will be a mix of short plenary talks, plenary Q&A, meetings in smaller groups with experts on various aspects of ChatGPT, and examples .

Participants of the Workshop: ChatGPT for lecturers are very welcome to an Afternoon with ChatGPT as well. That workshop focuses on practical experience with ChatGPT, while we’ll share much more information about the technology behind it, its limitations and its consequences. Organizers of the workshop will also be at our Afternoon to share some highlights of texts produced during the workshop.

Our Afternoon is inspired by An Evening with ChatGPT organized by our colleagues at the University of Groningen.


Email the organizers: cllab.assist@gmail.com (or email Jelle Zuidema directly).